Maternity Dresses for Everyday Wear

Your baby bump is adding a new glow to your look, so why not look as radiant as you feel? Our maternity dresses add a touch of elegance wherever you go. Learn why so many new mums choose our dresses to add style and comfort to their wardrobes.

How to Dress Up for the Day

You’ve finished at the gym, and it’s time for work, shopping, or a date night with dinner and a movie. Our dresses will add to whatever plans are ahead for you. Discover the best choices for your lifestyle.

  • In the heat of the summer, there isn’t a better way to complete errands than in our sleeveless, comfortable maternity dress. It is 95 per cent cotton, so you’ll be able to grab groceries or attend a high-powered off-site meeting, all without breaking a sweat. Our maternity dresses in black are the perfect choice for a summer evening out with the girls or a romantic night with your partner. 
  • When cool temperatures arrive, our long sleeve dresses match well with a jacket and heels, boots, or tennis shoes. Heels add a kick to a night out for dinner, while boots will take you to a corporate meeting, and tennis shoes will offer comfort wherever you go. 
  • We source comfortable fabric for all our clothes. Our long sleeve dresses are a combination of rayon, polyester, and spandex, which will keep you warm while providing a sleek silhouette of your growing baby bump.  Our brand new cotton dress offers a lightweight alternative, ideal for warmer temperatures.

Born Maternity Goes Where You Go

Our clothes keep you comfortable while providing a sophisticated look for all your needs. Whether in the boardroom or the living room, we aim to provide you with affordable, yet sophisticated clothes. You’ll want to wear our clothes every day until the little one arrives and beyond.

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